Escape to Earth: 100 Ways of Surviving on Earth



animation video,

35 cm diameter round monitor,

digital screen,

20 min


<Escape to Earth: 100 Ways of Surviving on Earth> is an animation installation presenting human survival methods for users before their escaping to earth. The animation video contains 100 pieces of instructive animations, briefly short. To expand the realm of reality, each piece focuses on one handy object on earth from a certain perspective, showing how to create a surviving condition by the object. The video will be played by several round monitors hung downfacing and distributed in the museum. With the concept of museum as stage, the viewers have to act upfacing to watch the video; this behavior meanwhile makes them look like plants absorbing sunlight/ using a survival method.


The artist combines human-produced objects with fictional instructions to create the survival methods seeming real but fictional. The artist perceives each piece of animation/ fictional survival method as a key word; key words are contextually connected with and annotate each other; they are also like the sections cut from the timely process where humans are entering the unknown future.


Practicing “museum as stage”, the exhibiting artworks are randomly distributed; the showcase seeks for an out-of-control state and unaware lag in communication networks among artworks, viewers, and the museum. On the other hand, the showcase points out the neuroticism in modern society, forced growth and being-displayed experiences of modern people through his intentional absurd misinterpretation of objects and contexts.